The Stevie Patrick Legacy of Love Award has been implemented this year as Stevie was the inspiration behind our leadership team organizing and bringing the Head for the Cure 5k race to North Texas four years ago. 

Her entire life, Stevie was known to her friends and family as an encourager and a leader.  She consistently went out of her way to serve others, and especially give everyone she met a big hug.  Stevie focused her conversations on being intentional and on truly listening and encouraging anyone with whom she had the opportunity to interact.

In May of 2010, Stevie Patrick was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 28.  Although Stevie would go on to battle brain cancer for three and a half years, her heart was always to reach out and help others, even as she was going through an indescribably difficult time.  Stevie never complained about feeling sick or being in pain, even though she endured five brain surgeries.  She never communicated to friends and family that she wished she’d never had brain cancer.  Stevie always took the high road and walked through each day with great integrity and a big smile on her face.

In fact, Stevie is most often remembered for her bouncing curls on her head, her beautiful smile and contagious laugh, and the fact that she loved to give big hugs to everyone.  When asked once why she gave hugs all the time, Stevie replied, “You don’t know what a person may be going through, and everyone needs to be loved.”  It was as simple as that to Stevie, everyone needs to be loved.

Stevie Patrick lost her battle with brain cancer on September 26, 2013 at the young age of 31.  She left behind her sweet husband, Damen, her one year old darling son, Ryder, as well as her parents, two sisters, one brother, and countless friends and extended family.  Each day that goes by she is missed more and more by her family and friends, but her legacy remains as strong as ever.  How fortunate so many were to know someone as wonderful, compassionate, and loving as Stevie.