Keeping the Faith

As we celebrate 16 years of dedication to raising funds for brain cancer research and inspiring hope for the brain cancer community, we want to know who you run or walk for! At each 5K event, we pay tribute to extraordinary individuals who are currently fighting or who have survived a brain tumor, selected from the nominations submitted by their loved ones.

Sharing the personal stories of those in the midst of their fight is an important part of the awards ceremony. While we recognize the athletic accomplishments of our top runners, we also spend time presenting a Keeping the Faith to the special people for whom Head for the Cure exists.

The struggles and triumphs of our Keeping the Faith recipients are even more poignant when shared with everyone on race day as we pay tribute to what they have survived and what lies ahead for them.

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Kirk was diagnosed with glioblastoma on January 6, 2014. A craniotomy was done at Mercy Medical Center where the surgeon was able to remove 10-15% of the tumors.
Meet Tamara Banda. A Pathologists' Assistant, a die hard TCU fan, an avid snowboarder, a lover of craft beer and music, and a dear friend.
Sam is a family man, a husband, father, son, brother.
February Newsletter 2014
Phoenix is my four year-old daughter. She is currently battling PNET (medulloblastoma). Phoenix was diagnosed January 13, 2012 (Friday the 13th), and boy has this been a journey.
Phoenix's cancer story began 5 years ago when she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Medulloblastoma, a type of brain cancer that aggressively targets the brain and spinal cord.
My mother’s story began 4 ½ years ago. On a work trip to Nashville, she found herself unable to wake up to catch her flight home.
For several yrs Ken had what we thought was a pinched nerve in his neck that lead to tingling in his finger/thumb. He received chiropractic treatments regularly which helped initially.
Tara was diagnosed with Medullablastoma 18 years ago, when she was 12. She went through Surgery to remove the tumor, then 30 rounds of Radiation and 1 1/2 years of Chemotherapy.
Tara was a 12 year old in the summer before her Seventh grade year in school, 1998.
Where do I begin, my son Kyle Berg is in a fight for his life.
Mackenna was born with Nf1 or Neurofibromatosis. At age 10mo was diagnoised with bilateral optic glioma brain cancer.