Keeping the Faith

As we celebrate 16 years of dedication to raising funds for brain cancer research and inspiring hope for the brain cancer community, we want to know who you run or walk for! At each 5K event, we pay tribute to extraordinary individuals who are currently fighting or who have survived a brain tumor, selected from the nominations submitted by their loved ones.

Sharing the personal stories of those in the midst of their fight is an important part of the awards ceremony. While we recognize the athletic accomplishments of our top runners, we also spend time presenting a Keeping the Faith to the special people for whom Head for the Cure exists.

The struggles and triumphs of our Keeping the Faith recipients are even more poignant when shared with everyone on race day as we pay tribute to what they have survived and what lies ahead for them.

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Through sickness and health, “I do” have faith we can win this battle! It was an ordinary day in June 2017 as Tom and I left for work.
In May of 2012 my mom was diagnosed with GBM. She's handled each part of her journey with grace and strength. She had surgery, radiation and chemotherapy all through wash u Barnes.
My boyfriend, Doug Brown, was diagnosed with glioma glioblastoma multiforme in April 2014, after his ophthalmologist recommended an MRI due to changes in his vision.
Deborah Brown-Reed is someone who truly inspires those around her. In fact, she received so many nominations for a Keeping the Faith award, we knew she had to be someone special.
Cancer struck Peter completely without warning. Active, hardworking, the consummate engineer, he became dizzy at work almost four months ago. A week later, surgery to remove stage 4 cancer cells.
My Dad was diagnosed with a glioblastoma multiforme brain tumor in 2001. He had a long battle ahead of him but with faith and his determination, I am proud to say he is cancer free.
Kyla is a 22 year old vivacious young lady who loves pickles, Alabama football, her two cats, her puppy, her boyfriend, and her family.
Last year my mom was nominated for this award by a co-worker of her’s, but the faith and strength my mom has shown through this journey throughout the past 55 months should be shown to anyone havin
In November 2012 our family was stunned to learn that Claudia, my wife and mother of my two young sons, was diagnosed with a brain tumor (anaplastic olygodendroglioma stage 3).
I can say many things about my wife’ story since she started dealing with the anaplastic oligodendroglioma stage III, which was removed in November 2012, then chemotherapy and radiation treatment i
To whom this my concern: reviewing team I would like to nominate Theresa Carroll for keeping the faith award.