Katherine Talmadge

Katherine was an amazing women. She touched so many lives in so many ways. Katherine was a successful business woman that motivated and inspired all she worked with. She was a friend that always listened and gave great advice but never told one what to do. She brought smiles and laughter to all she was around. Katherine was an amazing mom that mentored, taught, motivated and encouraged her children to become successful and caring adults. She was in love with her husband for 47 years and traveled through Europe and adored him. She was the best Nana to her two grandchildren that loved her more than words could say. Her family and siblings brought much love to her as she did to all of them. Katherine fought an amazing battle and survived for two and a half years. We lost her on March 19th 2013. Katherine was my mom and best friend. Those who knew her were blessed to have her in their lives and as she would say, "I was blessed to have all of them".

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