Head for the Cure COVID-19 Update

May 6, 2020

We continue to think of you all as we know that every day brings forth new challenges and information regarding how the current pandemic is altering our day to day reality. Above all, we hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy!

Head for the Cure remains devoted to our mission as we continue to build awareness for this disease, raise funds to support clinical research and patient programs, and ignite hope for all who have been impacted by a brain tumor diagnosis. We know that the lives of brain tumor patients have become even more complicated with some cases of paused treatment, fear that going to treatment could lead to exposure to COVID-19, and remote treatment where they can't see their medical team in person. The need to support our beloved patients is ever-more present.

Our 5K events often serve as milestones for many patients, provide an opportunity for family and friends to fight back alongside or in memory of a loved one, and serve as vessels to raise funds to support the endeavors to find a cure. Head for the Cure is 100% committed to holding our events, whether in person or virtually, to serve our under-represented community. The health and safety of our participants, especially our brain tumor patients, is our number one priority. 

We will be communicating and sharing details with the supporters of each 5K as we continue to re-imagine our events virtually when necessary.

What is a Head for the Cure Virtual 5K?
This interactive event brings the same unique elements of an in-person 5K online to celebrate and remember our loved ones affected by this disease. Featured on Facebook Live and Youtube, we will host an at-home 5K, share stories from survivors and team captains, recognize the Keeping the Faith and Stevie Patrick Legacy of Love recipients and remember those we’ve lost during our Celebration of Life.

Enjoy this clip of a sample virtual event!

Those who have been impacted by brain tumors still need our help! An estimated 87,000 new people will be diagnosed this year alone. Your support, whether $10 or $100, helps not only fund clinical research and patient support programs, but it also ignites hope and lets the brain tumor community know that no one fights this battle alone!

Find an event near you!

Please feel free to email info@heaforthecure.org if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you so much for your continued support!