Virtual Wall of Hope!

May 6, 2020
We know that thousands have been impacted by this terrible disease, and Head for the Cure wants to know - Who Do You Run/Walk For?

At each of our in-person 5K events, we display the names of those we participate in honor of on our Wall of Hope. During our virtual 5K events, we will display these submissions on our Facebook Live videos. 

How To Submit For the Virtual Wall of Hope:

  1. Download the card of your choosing below.
  2. Print out or complete your submission digitally.
  3. Submit your card here! 

Event Submission Deadlines:

  • Seattle Virtual 5K Event - June 17th
  • Des Moines Virtual 5K Event - July 20th
  • Omaha Virtual 5K Event - July 22nd
  • Wichita Virtual 5K Event - July 23rd
  • Columbus Virtual 5K Event - July 30th
  • Pittsburgh Virtual 5K Event - August 1st
  • Salt Lake City - UT Go Grey Virtual 5K - August 12th
  • Metro KC Virtual 5K Event - August 19th
  • San Francisco Virtual Event - August 31st
  • NC Triangle Virtual Event - August 31st
  • Rochester Virtual Event - August 26th 
  • San Antonio Virtual Event - September 16th
  • Houston Virtual Event - September 30th
  • Chicago Virtual 5K Event - October 7th
  • Mid-Missouri Virtual 5K Event - October 12th

"I Walk For..." (Right Click Image to Save

"I Run For..." (Right Click Image to Save)       

For questions and concerns please email